dinsdag 19 maart 2013

Shopping time

Hi everyone,

Today it is time for some shopping here at Fauve et Elizabeth. We are going to look for some vintage treasures to offer you.
The new stuff will be online soon...so keep visiting our page!


dinsdag 12 maart 2013


Yes everyone you have read it well, we are all again coverd in snow, here in Holland. Most people are not all to happy about this, because it already is March. But try to see the fun side of it all...you can still wear your grandpa sweaters:) That at least is something that makes us happy here at Fauve et Elizabeth:)
Enjoy your day vintage lovers...and don't forget to visit our Marktplaats for fabulous vintage!

Love Y&K

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Rainy day

Hello Everyone,

Pff what a rainy weather it is in Holland :( But this weather is perfect for online shopping. Just sit in your comfortable chair and click buy...how easy is today's life?!

What do you all think of the first Fauve et Elizabeth items on marktplaats?


woensdag 6 maart 2013

First vintage online!!!

Finally after some days the first items are online at Fauve et Elizabeth marktplaats!
Be the first one to order one unique vintage bag, belt or piece of clothing!
We really had a wonderful day taking pictures of all the items and putting them online.
On the picture you can see some secondhanded treasures!
For more detailed pictures and of course to buy go to:

Hope you enjoy!


Sneak Peak...

Hello everyone,

Today we are busy shooting all the new vintage stuff! Here a little sneak peak;)

Items will be online very soon, so keep visiting us and be the first to know!


maandag 4 maart 2013

Sunny days...spring is comming!

Hello you vintage lovers,

How are you all doing today? It was beautiful sunny weather today here in Holland! Unfortunally I couldn't enjoy it that much because I was working:(
Me and Kicky are also very busy to get all the vintage stuff photographed:) It will be online very very soon:)

Enjoy the rest of your day!